Oak Tree School Conference

Oak Tree School recently held an immensely successful conference day, with esteemed keynote speakers and experts in child psychology and inclusive learning support, David Trickey and Louise Bombèr , helping promote positive change and a shared commitment to helping vulnerable children get the most from their education.

Held on the 24th May 2019, Oak Tree School’s conference was a collaborative experience for all staff and delegates that attended. With the help of the Wild Tipi company, the school was transformed into an inviting marketplace for those attending, with the aim to learn more about inclusive learning techniques and how they can empower school staff to benefit all pupils within their classrooms.

A hive of enthusiastic activity continued throughout the event, with several associated agencies able to share their expertise and knowledge, while Oak Tree School staff themselves ran four workshops offering opportunities for delegates to observe first-hand some of the interventions that are currently used within the school on a daily basis.

These well attended workshops covered topics including:

  • Family school approaches – using Theraplay and Video interactive guidance (VIG) to support families
  • Effective whole school approaches – including the use of emotion coaching and a relational approach
  • Understanding how adverse childhood experiences and protective factors can affect wellbeing
  • Creating the ideal school – the student voice

Delegate feedback of the workshops and conference as a whole was overwhelming positive, with one attendee stating that it was an “Amazing, informative day, which furthers our understanding of how to support children who have experienced trauma and how to offer them the right support”.

A further delegate suggested that such insight could be transferred to mainstream education, “I would love to have more time with Oak Tree School staff and know more about how their methods for teaching vulnerable children and young people can be used in mainstream school

Keynote David Trickey said: “I was particularly impressed with the school’s ethos. I often find myself bemoaning the fact that we have so few therapeutic communities left in the UK, but Oak Tree School and others in the Acorn Care provision seem to have filled that gap, and I am now hopeful that at least some children in some parts of the country will be able to access the care and help that they need”.

A specialist school catering for children with Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC) conditions, attachment difficulties and a range of learning difficulties, Oak Tree School maintains a steadfast commitment to offering every child that attends the best possible environment in which to progress in their learning and emotional development.