Head of Faculty – Floella Grosvenor

Oak Tree School is committed to raising achievement and enabling pupils to recognise their potential and supporting them through a personalised, engaging curriculum. Our priority is to develop the foundation knowledge and skills required to make a manageable and smooth transition to the next life stage. We will offer a supportive environment where our young people accept responsibility for their actions, make positive decisions and display pro-social behaviour.

All teachers are teachers of literacy and promote reading in every subject. As such, the staff of Oak Tree School are committed to developing literacy and reading skills in all of our pupils, in the belief that it will support their learning and raise standards across the curriculum, because:

  • Pupils need vocabulary, expression and organisational control to cope with the cognitive demands of subjects;
  • Reading helps us to learn from sources beyond our immediate experience;
  • Writing helps us to sustain and order thought;
  • Language helps us to reflect, revise and evaluate the things we do, and on the things others have said, written or done;
  • Responding to higher order questions encourages the development of thinking skills and enquiry;
  • Improving literacy and learning can have an impact on pupils’ self-esteem, on motivation and behaviour. It allows pupils to learn independently whilst empowering them.

All schemes of work and most lessons, will include specific literacy and reading objectives. These objectives will inform the lesson focus. Literacy and reading will also form part of lesson plenaries when it is appropriate to the focus of the lesson.

All pupils have equal access to ‘literacy and reading across the curriculum’ and developmentally appropriate materials. Delivery of lessons will be differentiated appropriately. Resources will be sensitive to the needs and backgrounds of the pupils and will not reflect gender or cultural stereotypes. Resources are monitored annually to ensure content remains relevant and appropriate.

English Curriculum Intent Booklet March 21

English Long Term Planning