Head of Faculty – Perran Gilbert

At Oak Tree School our Humanities curriculum offers a broad, rich and ambitious experience. Humanities practitioners specifically foster curiosity, interest and mutual respect amongst our students. Humanities subjects at Oak Tree  School inform our students of global, historical, economic and cultural responsibilities. We encourage our students to reflect on the content and experiences taught so as to help them make good choices now and later in life.

We equip our students with the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life. We hope this will address any disadvantage they may have; be it social, environmental or health related. It is evident that our students build up emotional resilience, tolerance and respect for our global community.

We plan for all students to achieve their personal best. The humanities curriculum is planned and sequenced so that new knowledge and skills build on from what has previously been taught, ensuring progression towards the best possible outcomes. The humanities outcomes are mapped accordingly to the appropriate stage of the student’s knowledge and skills, with accreditation at every step of the journey. Qualifications on offer are Unit Award Schemes in the lower years, ASDAN’s in the middle years and GCSE’s towards the upper years. This means our students will achieve their potential and obtain nationally recognised qualifications to prepare them for life after school.

The humanities faculty are committed to supplementing our curriculum through extra-curricular activities, including cultural themed weeks, field trips, after school Japanese club and enterprise projects. Recent examples of excursions include New York, Paris, The Alps, Pendennis Castle, Mousehole and Falmouth Maritime Museum. Recent cultural projects include, circus workshops, French pen pals and Religious visitors.

Our curriculum is specially developed and adopted so as to support students in building their knowledge and to apply that knowledge as skills; for example our weekly ‘Big Questions’ and ‘Reflection Time’ allows students to consider further Religious, Cultural, Spiritual, Moral and Social scenarios and consolidation of learning outside of their generic lessons – equally these opportunities are taught and assessed in the same robust style using ‘SOLAR’.

Humanities Curriculum Intent Booklet

History Long Term Planning

Geography Long Term Planning

Religious Cultural Education Long Term Planning