PSHE and Social Studies

Head of Faculty – Connor Taylor

At Oak Tree School our Social Science curriculum offer a diverse, rich and inspirational experience. Social Science teachers foster curiosity, interest and mutual respect amongst our students. The appeal of social science is broad as there are many subjects that come under the social sciences umbrella and this enables us to deliver a fascinating insight into the world around us, society and skills required for everyday life. All social science subjects help students acquire a wide range of transferable skills and opens up many further educational and work options.

We aim to furnish our students with the knowledge and understanding that they can use in later life. Social science subjects are an excellent opportunity to address any disadvantage that our students may have; be it social, environmental or health related. It is evident that as our students study social science that they develop emotional resilience, tolerance and respect for their local community and beyond.

We plan for all students to achieve their personal best. The PSHE and social science curriculums are planned and sequenced so that new knowledge and skills build on from what has previously been taught, ensuring progression towards the best possible outcomes. The PSHE and social science outcomes are mapped accordingly to the appropriate stage of the student’s knowledge and skills, with accreditation at every step of the journey. Qualifications on offer are Unit Award Schemes in the lower years, ASDAN’s in the middle years and GCSE’s towards the upper years. This means our students will achieve their potential and obtain nationally recognised qualifications to prepare them for life in further education and beyond.

We in the social science faculty are devoted to complementing our curriculum through extra-curricular activities, including visits from outside speakers, field trips to local religious buildings, police stations, courts and local authority buildings. Recent examples of educational visits are; Truro crown court, the Buddhist temple in West Penwith and County Hall.

Excellent PSHE and Social Science teaching and learning ensures that teachers put the learner at the centre of what is being taught. The physical and emotional environment within the PSHE and Social Science faculty will enable students to feel safe enough to take risks in their learning and respond to teachers and their peers positively. PSHE especially enables students to discuss issues that relate to themselves and to society as a whole and will always be conducted in a safe and respectful environment. If children feel safe, supported and confident enough to answer questions and take part in discussions it is not only easier for them to achieve all they can but it lends itself to make the teachers job of assessment and future planning easier.

PSHE Curriculum Intent Booklet March 21

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