Head of Faculty – Cat Hill 

At Oak Tree School our Science curriculum aims to promote a lifelong interest in Science. We aim to show that Science is ever present in our lives and helps us make informed decisions; from our nutritional choices, to road safety and the use of the latest technology.

  • We aim to create a maximum number of opportunities to do relevant practical work and learn how things work together. Where possible, students work in groups to promote social skills, tolerance and respect.
  • We pose questions to encourage curiosity and promote discussion.
  • We aim to promote resilience by realising together that not every experiment works, and often this allows us to reflect and try again.
  • Staff role model scientific vocabulary through discussion.
  • Through investigation, students learn to plan and carry out safe experiments making predictions based on their previous learning and knowledge.
  • Students are guided in recording good quality data and encouraged to reflect on whether or not their processes could be improved.
  • Students learn the important life skill of interpreting data presented in a variety of ways including graphs and tables.
  • We plan for all students to achieve their personal best academically, which means our learning journey aims to prepare students for the GCSE. Students will also be entered for other qualifications such as the Entry Level certificate and ASDAN courses as appropriate.
  • In Science cross curricular opportunities are frequent. For example:- the use of maths in physics, science in sport and training, science in catering and healthy living.
  • We aim to bring Outside Providers into Oak Tree School and work with small groups to provide a wider experience of science.

Assessment is regular and informs all parties of progress, however, is often informal to avoid causing any anxiety for the young people we work with.

Science Curriculum Intent Booklet March 2021

Science Long Term Planning