The Arts

Head of Faculty – Chloe Rowe

Oak Tree School is committed to raising achievement and enabling pupils to recognise their potential and supporting them through a broad, personalised, engaging curriculum. Our priority is to develop the foundation knowledge and skills required to make a manageable and smooth transition to the next life stage. We aim for pupils to leave here with an awareness of the wider world and its past.

The school’s creative curriculum aims to provide students with a broad and balanced diet of art, drama, dance and music through which they will be able to express themselves and develop an interest in creative activities, which will complement their wider studies and experiences. It will also improve positive social interaction and social skills between peers in collaborative work.

The Arts is a way of communication and is an important aspect of developing children’s creative and sensory development. This allows children to make thoughtful judgements about life and helps them to shape the environment as well as understanding how the Arts has both reflected and shaped the history of our nation.

We are committed to providing a differentiated, comprehensive and secure programme of Creative education that will benefit all pupils and in turn encouraging them to develop an enjoyment of these subjects. We would like as many students as possible to be accessing the Arts in order to achieve their personal best.

Our curriculum provides the right for our students to take part in an array of learning experiences including; the pantomime, dance and drama performances, music performances and visiting arts practitioners. We liaise with the local community, providing experiences in art based locations- for example the Hall for Cornwall. As a school we have accessed this provision to support year 11 students to complete a BTEC in performing arts.

The Arts Curriculum Intent Booklet

The Arts Award Long Term planning