Our Curriculum

On entry to the school our experienced admissions panel, which includes our Principal, Headteacher, teaching staff and Educational Psychologist, undertake a thorough baseline assessment. This assessment will identify where children are in terms of their learning (literacy skills, numeracy skills and science) and will also assess emotional development. This initial assessment will inform how we work with each student and the results will be fed back to parents/carers within eight weeks of joining the school.

Ongoing assessment is used to inform how students are progressing against this baseline assessment. Oak Tree School’s senior staff and therapy team will meet on at least a half termly basis to identify students who are not progressing as expected so that action plans can be developed to help implement and evaluate intervention strategies.

The curriculum we deliver at Oak Tree School is designed to engage, challenge and inspire the children who attend our school. It will help them to develop and progress over a broad and balanced range of subjects as well as develop socially, morally, spiritually and culturally. Students can access a wide range of extra-curricular activities whilst at the school, with a wide variety of off-site and outdoor education options.


What is the INTENT of our curriculum?

All staff at Oak Tree school are committed to delivering “the best education for every child”. The aim of our broad and balanced curriculum is to ensure children leave our school with tolerance and respect for others, emotional resilience, good social skills and the best outcomes possible.

Our ambitious curriculum has four goals and is designed to help our children to;

1. maintain positive and healthy relationships so they can socialise with others well and experience lifelong friendship and love. We know that this will help raise self-esteem and lead to a more positive outlook on life, thus helping to ensure the best future outcomes.

2. become emotionally resilient. Prior to joining us our children have found it difficult to understand and regulate their emotions, often leading to behaviour that has challenged. This has led to them being unsuccessful in previous educational placements. It is our ambition to support and educate our children so they are able to regulate their emotions and behave in a way that allows them to be successful in the future. When children leave Oak Tree school we want them to understand their emotions and how best to manage them positively.

3. become tolerant and respectful individuals who will not undermine fundamental British values, including democracy, the rule of law and individual liberty.

4. achieve the best possible outcomes. We know that this is different for every child that attends our school. It is our ambition to ensure ALL learners develop detailed knowledge and skills across the academic, technical and vocational curriculum and therefore achieve the very best results. Careful baseline assessment of each child allows us to create differentiated provision with high expectations for every learner – the leadership team are unwavering in trying to help children secure their very best. We know that this will help our children move on to the best post 16 destinations available to them. We are committed to ensuring our children leave Oak Tree school ready to access either;

  • the highest level of post 16 education possible appropriate to their ability, interests and aspirations
  • relevant and considered employment and/or training that broadens horizons.


Foundational Curriculum (KS2 &3)

The skills learnt in our foundation curriculum prepare our children for KS4 (Options Curriculum). The curriculum at KS2&3 (foundation Curriculum) includes, English, mathematics, science, physical and outdoor education, computing, art and design, design and technology, geography, history, religious education, music, languages (via termly cultural weeks), relationships and health education.
Options Curriculum (KS4)

In KS4 all children will be offered options alongside a core curriculum of English, Maths and Science, physical and/or outdoor education, citizenship and relationships & health education. Students will get the opportunity to choose from a range of vocational, technical and academic qualifications including (but not limited to);

• GCSE in English, Maths, Science, Art, Business Studies, Citizenship, DT, Global Perspectives, History, Media Studies, Sociology, Textiles
• BTEC Awards/Certificates in Vocational Studies – following a choice of pathway – Caring for Children, Home Cooking Skills, Performing Arts, Sport and Active Leisure, Land Based Studies and Construction/Practical skills,           vCert in Graphic Design, Young Enterprise Project, Junior Sports Leader Award
• Arts Award at Bronze or Silver Level
• ASDAN Short Courses
• Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award

Oak Tree School Faculties

To help ensure that we offer the BEST education for every child, Oak Tree School has established eight faculties of education within the school, each with a Head of Faculty, who oversees the provision for that faculty, and ensures that the planning allows for clear sequence and progression in the knowledge, skills and understanding required for success in each subject that falls under their faculty. The faculties at Oak Tree School are as follows (lists of subjects are not restrictive):

• Maths
• Science
• English – encompassing an overview of reading across the school, literacy, speaking and listening, media and both English Literature and Language GCSEs
• The Arts – encompassing art, music, drama, photography and dance
• Technologies – encompassing design and technology, catering, computing, iMedia and graphic design
• Sport and fitness – encompassing PE, PSHE, citizenship and relationships education
• Outdoor Education – encompassing outdoor education and Duke of Edinburgh award
• Humanities – encompassing history, geography, RE, SMSC and global citizenship

Each faculty has a Faculty Handbook, which is shared with all staff working within the faculty, and is available to students, parents, careers and other professionals as required. This handbook clearly lays out the intent of the curriculum for each subject within the faculty, as well as how the faculty plans to implement this.
Each faculty handbook also lays out clearly the sequence and progression of the curriculum from the Early Years Foundation Stage, through to Year 11, clearly identifying the key objectives at each stage of a child’s education whilst at Oak Tree School.

Our 2019-2020 Achievements can be downloaded below

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