Summer fun!

Oak Tree School delivered its summer activity programme for a third year to continue its support to students and their families outside of term time. The aim of Oak Tree’s summer activities is to provide a range of outdoor activities that create opportunities for students to have fun and share experiences with friends and family during the holidays. Activities were provided by the school’s Outdoor Education team that included Surfing/ Bodyboarding, Kayaking, Stand up Paddle Boarding, Sailing, Climbing, Mountain biking and a Woodland Adventure day. This year’s focus was on increasing parent participation with the objective of helping develop relationships been parent and child by allowing students to share experiences they have through Oak Tree school with their parents enabling them to relate to each other better by sharing knowledge, skills and emotions. A fantastic example of this was being able to take a mother and son mountain biking who had never seen each other ride a bike before. The mother had not ridden for 15 years and the son had learnt at school a year earlier but without bikes at home had not been able to share the experience with the parents. Family days were also increased this year with one each week where families joined together to take part in activities and enjoy a barbeque at different locations in Cornwall. This has enabled parents to get to know each other better and we hope this will foster support and develop relationships between students and parents.


‘I took my grandchildren to the lake family day expecting the children to take part in activities, however much to my surprise the instructor chirpily said ‘here you go grandma here’s your wetsuit’. At the age of 72 it was my first time in a wetsuit and my first time ever kayaking! Although the heavens opened and my granddaughter thought we would sink we enjoyed a brilliant paddle and on returning to the shore we feasted on food from the BBQ. We had a great day.’ Carole  (grandmother)

‘It was great! I got to get out the house and have fun with friends over the holidays.’ Harry  (student)

‘Another fantastic summer, the activities were brilliant. I was a bit nervous about the water and I thought wouldn’t be able to ride a bike after 15 years but I really enjoyed it. Thank you.’ Emma  (mother)